Episode 149 – Alex Weber – Fired Up to Authentically Live Life to its Fullest

“It almost takes us embracing the fear that we’re going to show our real, authentic selves and part of it is not going to be accepted. That is one of the scariest experiences for a human being: to be rejected for who you really are. And I’m not going to say that won’t happen but what I will say is you will be amazed and surprised by how many people will truly accept you for who you really are.” Alex Weber

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Alex Weber.
  • [03:12] Alex & Patrick get their conversation rockin’ & rollin’ and Alex gives us an overview of what he’s up to in the business of things these days.
  • [06:11] Alex explains how his “north star” throughout life has guided him to where he is now and encourages others to consider tapping into their intuition and follow the fires that burn in their heart.
  • [08:51] Growing up with parents who fully supported him, believed in going full out and giving it everything set Alex up with an intensity which has both served him and hampered him. He shares a bit about each side of that coin and how becoming a coach for a prestigious high school sports team helped him to integrate and better understand his own experience.
  • [15:01] Patrick and Alex talk a bit about the impact of parental love and support along with pushing our kids toward getting the most out of their talents and reaching for excellence.
  • [17:35] Alex identifies the threshold at which he was able to cross over and just enjoy the game of lacrosse vs. holding back and playing the “safe game.” It’s so applicable to life in general. Good is the enemy of great.
  • [19:36] Is it thought or is it emotion? Alex discusses the importance of taking a beat, taking a breath before we react, to assess whether our next step is emotion-driven, and if so, tap into our observer self to try and find perspective. Alex uses a few examples to highlight the benefit of getting to know ourselves better to get ahead of situations that might be emotion-triggers.
  • [25:14] Men We Admire. Alex founded a men’s group and community back in 2021 to create a space that he himself longed for – one of connection, camaraderie, personal growth and achievement. He shares what inspired him to form this particular group and the stand he takes for it.
  • [32:04] Over the past few years of spending time in self-discovery, Alex has uncovered the magic and fulfillment of presenting more of his authentic self and staying true to himself.
  • [35:52] Alex discusses the role of being in relationship in different points in our lives and the intention he and others within his men’s group set for how they wish to show up in their lives to attract the kinds of relationships they desire.
  • [39:01] American Ninja Warrior! Alex talks about his journey as a competitive athlete both on and off television and the absolute critical role it plays in his life.
  • [40:49] Identity. Alex reflects on the roles he has undertaken so far in sports, television, as a stand-up comedian and keynote speaker and has come to realize that he is also himself, a human being. In his view, being happy with who we are independent of our pursuits and resumé is crucial to our self-worth and staying grounded in our experience.
  • [46:02] Alex shares a few of the dreams he has for the next few years of his life.
  • [47:09] Leadership for Alex, occurs more as a product of doing and experiencing and less as a topic for intense study. He suggests yes, read the books to gather tactics and perspectives, but take more time to be with people, get to know them, and build those relationships.
  • [49:12] Winding down with a little rapid fire: recommended authors and books; favourite inspirational quote from Mom; favourite swear word; message at the pearly gates; current favourite musical artist; favourite movie; room-desk-car; favourite comedies for “comfort food.”
  • [51:42] Alex’s gratitude.
  • [52:07] One question and one word of advice from Alex: 1) What do you want for your moments on earth? 2) Be really mindful of who you listen to.
  • [53:33] Patrick and Alex give a final shout out for Alex’s book: Fail Proof: Become the Unstoppable You.

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