Mindset Matters – Episode #55 – Forgiveness

“Why the conversation about mindset and why is it important? It’s not just about success, it’s not about getting shit done, it’s not about being uber successful in business or in life. It’s really how we approach business, how we approach life. It’s actually all about us and how we view the world.” – Patrick Francey  

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    • Listen in as Patrick and Steffany consider forgiveness.
    • “No forgiveness no peace, know forgiveness know peace.” Source unknown.
    • In life, we all come to know that shit happens. People do things that hurt us, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We do things to others, and to ourselves, we make mistakes. What’s left is the need to forgive… to forgive ourselves or others.
    • Desmond Tutu once said “Forgiveness does not mean that we pretend things are anything other than they are. I am hurt, we say. I am betrayed, we announce. I am in pain and grief. I have been treated unfairly. I am feeling ashamed. I am angry this has been done to me. I am sad and I am lost. I may never forget what you have done to me, but I will forgive. I will do everything in my power not to let you harm me again. I will not retaliate against you or against myself.”

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