Episode #116 – Omar Khan – Freedom Through Knowledge

“I’m really excited about the future because I get to teach people everyday how to become independent, how to live the life that they want, through knowledge. Just like I learned from REIN, and that’s real estate knowledge, knowledge is the absolute key to freedom.” – Omar Khan  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Omar Khan.
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest and former Ontario REIN Member: Omar Khan.
  • [03:19] Omar and Patrick get their conversation underway with Omar’s elevator pitch, some insights into Omar’s investing specializations and buying his first two properties for the wrong reasons.
  • [06:20] With the stock market beating of 2008/09 and all his assets and livelihood relying on the stock market, Omar decided he had to reconsider his eggs existing in one basket. Enter real estate. Over the next ten years he got educated and took action, acquiring over 30 properties to date.
  • [7:17] Omar talks about his education company Theta Trading Co., how they work in the options market, and now teach their members how to trade to diversify their investing portfolio. The goal for Omar and for their members is to understand more than one asset class and leverage quality assets to complement one another.
  • [12:12] Omar shares his view on the current landscape and its effect on commodities along with his personal philosophy on investing in the crypto currency market.
  • [15:24] Born in Pakistan, Omar and his family immigrated to Canada when he was 4, and he went on to get his Economics degree from the University of Toronto. University taught Omar the principles of economics, but interestingly once complete he felt financially illiterate with no practical knowledge on how to grow his wealth. This realization is what fueled his desire to learn more and create the abundant asset portfolio he now enjoys.
  • [17:23] Omar explains what brought his parents from Pakistan to Canada, the non-negotiable requirement they ensured Omar and his siblings understood, and the immense pride he takes in being Canadian.
  • [19:42] “I never wanted to live with regret.” Omar shares the fire that lit his entrepreneurial spark which he is now passionate to share with others so they can live their financial dreams.
  • [21:29] With REIN training in hand, Omar systematically applied his knowledge to purchase a large portfolio of rental properties but what was it about the REIN community that attracted him?
  • [25:08] Omar explains how the Theta Trading community operates, the type of education and coaching they provide, how that training is executed to their members, and an overview of the type of option investing they do.
  • [30:36] Omar shares his vision for Theta Trading Co., his philosophy on wealth creation and his personal vision for a broader philanthropic contribution, particularly with the four organizations they currently support.
  • [34:56] The impetus and ongoing inspiration for Omar’s pursuit of wealth creation and the freedom it provides.
  • [38:39] Leadership for Omar is the ability to inspire and encourage others by action and by knowledge. He speaks to his own skill development from team sports and his time in the Canadian military and the way in which he continues to enhance and expand those skills.
  • [42:03] Omar discusses the relationship he and his wife share in working together to support their family, each in their individual way plus his philosophy around education and financial literacy for kids.
  • [45:37] Patrick shares a story from a past TEDM episode guest about the need for the next generation to experience life, learn lessons and make mistakes to learn and grow and find their own sustainable success to which Omar wholeheartedly agrees.
  • [49:08] Whipping up some rapid fire! An influential book as a foundation for building a company; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; room-desk-car-OUTSOURCE; favourite artist & tune; favourite movie; no undesirable jobs for this guy, Omar is focused: outsource, systemize, and delegate.
  • [57:57] Omar’s gratitude.

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