Episode 126 – Adrian Pannozzo – Generational Wealth One Brick at a Time

“It’s not timing the market, it’s time IN the market. Our model has always been long-term investments, generational wealth. If you surround yourself with the right people, take action; long-term investing in my opinion? You can’t lose.” – Adrian Pannozzo  

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    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest Adrian Pannozzo.
    • [03:27] Adrian and Patrick get started with Adrian’s quick & dirty elevator pitch! After 10 years of working in the police force Adrian explains his mindset behind getting started in real estate investing and his original intention that quickly blossomed into a full-time adventure.
    • [06:54] After a nudge from his mortgage broker/realtor Adrian decided to take a leap of faith (with both feet!) into real estate investing and started his search for rental property that led him to the Hamilton, Ontario. Adrian further discusses his process with learning about the business of real estate investing.
    • [10:56] Leaving the police department in 2017, Adrian turned his attention fully to his investment real estate with a focus on Hamilton, joint venture partnerships and optimizing the BRRRR strategy – Buy, Renovate, Rent, Re-finance, Repeat! After the first five, Adrian and his wife quicky and significantly scaled their business to where it is today.
    • [15:06] Though Adrian and his family were not traditionally entrepreneurial-minded, he attributes his jump into the business of real estate to his vision. Hear how Adrian describes his approach, mindset, and willingness to take action.
    • [17:54] As his primary partner in their business, Adrian’s explains how he and his wife work together, each playing to their strengths. What have they learned in the space of working together so closely?
    • [22:10] After realizing his vision of replacing his full-time income, Adrian shares his longer-term vision; why and for whom he now continues to build and grow his business. Family matters.
    • [23:53] Adrian discusses how his training and experience within the police department has helped him expand his capacity beyond an “in-the-box” mindset to a place of abundance, problem-solving and possibility.
    • [25:37] Adrian offers some nuggets of wisdom and guidance, based on his experience, for anyone considering a path into the business of real estate investing. Surround yourself with like-minded people, solid mentors, and a professional team. Then be willing to pull the trigger. Create the environment and culture around you to achieve your goals.
    • [30:02] Addressing the common investor narrative “I can’t find money”, Adrian speaks to his journey in the trenches. After time Adrian’s experience, credibility, and accomplishments began to attract other like-minded investors with whom he built a connection of trust.
    • [33:11] But where do these people come from? Adrian discusses their primary strategy for finding JV partners as well as their overall philosophy, model, and process for vetting joint venture partners.
    • [37:05] Getting back to a winning team, Adrian’s approach has been primarily to build from within. To build a “Costco” one-stop shop from purchase to management to maintenance, all led with an abundance mindset.
    • [40:05] Adrian takes us through their BRRRR method and why it works even in a rapidly appreciating market such as Hamilton. By the way…why Hamilton?
    • [45:36] Tackling the fundamental first “R” of BRRRR, renovations were a learn-as-you-go venture for Adrian which certainly came with some bumps.
    • [47:08] Managing renovation costs on their projects is vital. Adrian relies both on his own aptitude with numbers and the expertise of his proficient project manager to extract most, or ideally all capital on re-finance. Adrian trusts his long-term vision and their combined skills to maintain a solid reputation.
    • [50:35] Through conscious choice Adrian and his wife have achieved the financial freedom that helps them enjoy the life and things that align with their values. In the spirit of contribution, Adrian hopes his story may inspire others to start their own life-changing journey to financial freedom.
    • [53:45] Adrian shares his personal health regimen which supports his overall lifestyle success.
    • [55:56] Gulp! Adrian’s leap from police department to full-time investor. What was it like for him?
    • [58:07] Jumping into the rapid-fire ring: Adrian’s favourite inspirational quote; favourite swear word; Android or Apple; weirdness scale; room-desk-car; favourite tunes; favourite movie genre; message at the pearly gates.
    • [61:06] Adrian’s gratitude.

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