Episode #93 – Mark Baltazar – Life by Design

“Design your life, then design your business around it.” – Mark Baltazar  

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    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest, Mark Baltazar.
    • [03:51] Mark and Patrick roll right into it with a bit about what Mark is working on and what he is letting go of.
    • [07:18] Mark discusses the three very important reasons he decided it was time for him to shift from his all-consuming consulting firm to start something fresh, designed around his values.
    • [10:20] The discussion around real estate investing picked up at this point for Mark and his wife who had some conceptual understanding around it, but decided it was time to take decisive action.
    • [14:11] Mark shares the two investing strategies he is working on: fix & flip for active income today and buy & hold properties including apartment buildings most recently, for long-term wealth generation. Mark and Patrick also shed some light on the reality of cash flow as income on long-term buy and hold properties.
    • [20:38] Once he decided to explore the multi-family space, Mark dove into educating himself and learning from those who came before him. Mark walks us through his first purchase and offers insights for those thinking about entering that space.
    • [26:02] Although building a team was the first benefit of being part of a culture such as REIN, the benefit spectrum quickly expanded for Mark and showed up in the knowledge, support, momentum and energy that lives in that community. Benefits which prove invaluable as we tap into new experiences and grow our business.
    • [29:35] Mark and Patrick share their thoughts on the economic and social effects of the lock down resulting from COVID-19 while being mindful to stay away from the side of doom and gloom. A conversation had in the early stages of the pandemic.
    • [36:03] As a rental housing provider, Mark looks at different ways he intends to shift his business and what he anticipates for the Ontario real estate market within which he operates.
    • [38:25] Patrick gives his own perspective on the economic climate, what he is hearing from other industry professionals and the critical importance of the deeper, credible research REIN is known for.
    • [43:31] Getting back to the fix & flip, Mark explains the how and the who of this side of his business. Crafting a repeatable system builds essential efficiencies and relationships.
    • [46:00] Aligning with his vision to create a business that works around his personal priorities, Mark purposefully builds his teams to keep him focused on what he’s great at rather trying to be and do it all.
    • [48:13] Mark describes how he approaches capital raising for projects and two main considerations gleaned from his own experience.
    • [53:12] The hybrid role Mark takes within the multi-family investing side of his business.
    • [54:44] Taking an exit from the real estate how-to highway, Mark reflects on the road to his entrepreneurial endeavours and the variety of influences along the way.
    • [58:54] Mark shares his process for goal setting, which lights his fire, and what in fact his real estate investing goals are for 2020 (with a little wiggle room built in for the current climate.)
    • [60:31] The evolution of the relationship Mark and his wife share in supporting one another to create a life that is aligned and meaningful for them.
    • [65:11] Mark’s intentional routine for self-care.
    • [68:25] Veering into the rapid fire: the books Mark is currently reading, favourite inspirational quote, what he continues to do that he is not very good at, room-desk-car, favourite swear word, favourite tunes, favourite movie of all time and two binge-worthy streaming series.
    • [77:18] Mark’s gratitude.

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