Episode 134 – Jadene Ferreira – Living Artfully, Embodying the Extraordinary

“If you’re really being yourself, your authentic, empowered self, you cannot go wrong, and you’ll never make a misstep.” – Jadene Ferreira  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Jadene Ferreira.
  • [03:27] Jadene and Patrick glide into action and conversation as Jadene describes all that she’s up to, with one common link: connect with people to light them up and help them see their best selves.
  • [05:00] Jadene’s entrepreneurial spirit was ingrained from the start with a desire to find solutions for clients, get curious about what was possible, and use skating as a vehicle for empowerment and personal development.
  • [08:07] Minor sport. Jadene and Patrick talk about the unequivocal gift that sport is for individuals to evolve and develop. Jadene’s full complement of coaching and mentoring starts with helping parents to understand the ROI of investing in their kids. At its foundation her work with athletes certainly includes the technical parts but they also learn how to connect with their bodies and spirit, learn they are emotionally capable and develop discipline and resiliency.
  • [11:05] Learning to fall [and get back up again]. This skill not only serves young people in sport but as Jadene expresses, it’s the key to our success as we step into the world. We’ve got to go through the “failing” in order to get to the landing.
  • [15:08] Jadene tells a quick story of one of her great falls, and what it taught her in the moment. Resilience is the key.
  • [16:24] Pain and embarrassment are two big “avoidables” for humans, and the mere thought of experiencing either can shut us down from even attempting things. When we can get past caring about perceived judgment, the focus and energy becomes available to shift to the quality and excellence of our endeavours.
  • [19:07] Jadene shares what she has learned from working with thousands of kids, about learning styles and the unique way each individual processes. In Jadene’s world, she needs to figure that out quickly to get her clients on the “learning superhighway” to discover their magic.
  • [23:54] There’s also a lot of learnings in real estate investing that can be applied to life in general! Jadene gives an example from a client’s journey that took her from the slow lane to the fast track, with the flip of the learning style switch.
  • [26:22] Skating Success’ Master Class was born partially out of Jadene’s obsession with efficiency. The idea became finding the best possible way to teach the concepts concisely to get them ingrained into the skaters’ bodies and ultimately their transformation.
  • [29:29] Patrick gives an example of turning the linear teaching process on its ear, in the context of one of his early passions, water skiing.
  • [32:01] Jadene has seen over and over how the experience of creating and learning collaboratively in a supported environment has remarkable and lasting results. Bringing in the coaches has become an imperative part of Skating Success’ events because everyone learning and working together leads to exponential outcomes.
  • [33:49] “You’re always invited, but never expected.” One of Jadene’s skills lies in creating a space where all are welcome, but none expected. She creates a space that’s bigger than everyone, so all are welcome to arrive, ideally drop their egos, contribute and collaborate towards a more enriching experience all around.
  • [38:01] Culture, environment, and community. These are the core, the fundamentals, that both Jadene and Patrick nurture and cultivate in their business. Jadene expands that into her brand, what it stands for, and how she builds it so that even one single encounter with her, be it podcasts, Instagram, coaching, classes, people experience a feeling of inclusivity, support, and possibility with Skating Success.
  • [42:05] Jadene shares a bit about her background and personal experience in the world of competitive figure skating, choreography, and the subtle difference of pushing hard on a goal vs. inviting it in. She discusses how she has evolved and elevated her offerings, which include a love of helping people have the best mental experience with sport.
  • [47:04] The slippery slope of perfectionism. Jadene shares her intense journey with it and at what point the realization of the detrimental effects began to unwind. Listen on, to hear the “full circle awesomeness” of that impactful interaction.
  • [52:32] Jadene expresses her passion for working with parents to impress upon them how important their role is in their young person’s life. Empowering parents to realize the breadth of support they can provide their kids is the most impactful way to help them achieve their goals.
  • [54:57] The impact of judgment and the art of resilience is a part of the sport experience, and the training Jadene does within that is something she’s really proud to be a part of. Jadene follows up with a word of caution to parents around connecting money to the sport.
  • [59:28] Jadene touches on how she interacts with her clients, both parents and skaters, to create the best possible environment in their experience of working together.
  • [61:06] Jadene talks about how she grew up, how she got into dance and sport and what her experience was with her parents. She considers herself lucky in the parent department!
  • [64:48] Fluent in English, French and Spanish, Jadene found another vehicle for her innately expressive nature through language. The power of expression has informed most every aspect of her life and has brought her many cool experiences, among them an opportunity to tour and work with world-class athletes.
  • [67:32] Jadene shares the difference between working with a world-class athlete, how they train, view the world, and are coached vs. an amateur athlete trying to figure stuff out (physicality aside). Spoiler alert – coachability is the key!
  • [69:50] The story of a young athlete Jadene coached, illustrates the power of coachability through alignment with her client and her values. Mic drop moment.
  • [74:04] Jadene describes her gift of finding the innate internal rhythm in people that is uninterrupted by the mind. Everyone has an internal rhythm, and that natural rhythm and beat is what she uses to work with her clients. If we are being our authentic, empowered self, we cannot go wrong.
  • [77:19] Parting wisdom from and for the artist within.

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