Episode #103 – Matt Johnson – MicroFamous

“You don’t need to have a big audience; you need to have the right audience.” – Matt Johnson  

  • Selected Links & People Mentioned in this Episode
  • Pursuing Results
  • MicroFamous by Matt Johnson
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee)
  • Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller
  • John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Tony Robbins
  • The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwarz
  • The Systems Mindset by Sam Carpenter
  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest: Matt Johnson.
  • [03:12] Matt and Patrick get rolling on their conversation with who he is, what he’s up to in business and how he gets to be of contribution. Matt talks about the process behind his thoughtfully designed podcasting PR and production business in support of entrepreneurs to create their strategy, their desired impact and then get their message out with more ease.
  • [08:15] MicroFamous: Matt explains how that concept came to be, in his world of podcasting.
  • [10:12] The release of his book MicroFamous brought Matt the opportunity to reactivate relationships with some of his strategic partners while bridging a connection with his thought leadership clients current and future. It allows him to demonstrate his thorough comprehension of what a thought leader is, what the business model looks like and how to monetize that intellectual property from start to finish.
  • [14:32] Matt reflects on his journey in residential real estate brokering up to the U.S. real estate market crash. Once his seller client base declined, so too did his interest in continuing the business. So, he picked up where he left off in his teenage years to realize the dream of playing and writing music and living the life of a rock and roll musician. When he decided he wanted to shift, he moved his acquired marketing expertise from the music world to a more impactful and sustainable plan to be of service to the business world.
  • [19:02] Enter, the world of podcasting. Matt offers his view of the podcasting space and niching down. Narrow in on what your target audience is there for, and then follow that focus. Start with a cult following, then if it’s your aim, grow into the mainstream.
  • [23:48] Patrick talks about his drivers and focus for The Everyday Millionaire podcast, how the concept showed up for him and the people he was interested in talking with so he could share their stories and learnings.
  • [27:21] Matt talks about the importance of sharing stories both from the elite, best of the best and the “proximity mentors.” It’s inspiring to hear the stories of the super achievers and it’s relatable and motivating to hear from someone just a few steps ahead of where we are to realize: hey, that’s achievable, I can do that.
  • [30:50] The unlikely entrepreneur. Matt shares his family background, following in his father’s footsteps (but in his own way), overcoming limiting beliefs that could have hindered his path, and self-development rooted in his love of ideas.
  • [34:55] Matt talks about his mentors and how they occur in his life.
  • [37:25] One of Matt’s highest values is freedom. He digs in a bit to explain what that means to him, and what it looks like for him. Leadership, lifestyle, and legacy.
  • [40:36] Connecting control to freedom. Patrick and Matt riff a bit more on what that means for entrepreneurs to take command of their time and achieve a more effective outcome for their life. Slow down and get intentional to take longer, more powerful strides in the direction you choose.
  • [44:48] Matt explains his extraverted, introvert and the value he places on choice and systems to refine and enhance his life experience.
  • [48:11] Values identification has played a crucial role in Matt’s life and he spends time examining them to ensure they are prioritized and aligned. He also reveals the biggest impact this has had for him.
  • [52:39] Patrick emphasizes the intrinsic need for having the values conversation to uncover what our core values are. Congruency with our values directly reflects our experience in life.
  • [55:33] Matt gives a practical example to illustrate how staying true to our values will eliminate the pervasive self-talk many entrepreneurs experience that wants to berate and criticize for not doing enough, making enough, growing enough fast enough…
  • [60:21] Matt shares his perspective of leadership, different styles of leadership, and what he is so drawn to that he simply could not ignore. Value prioritization.
  • [64:03] How does Matt view himself as a decision maker?
  • [65:57] Patrick shares an important insight around decision making that helps us advance rather than stay stuck in an endless information horde. Decide, move forward, re-decide, recalibrate where necessary; but keep the forward momentum. Decision making is a skill to develop and it takes practice.
  • [68:48] Matt’s viewpoint is similar to Patrick’s and he shares a couple of learnings which have helped shape his approach. 1) You don’t have be a great risk taker to be a great entrepreneur. 2) You don’t get to bring the magic sword into the cave to slay the dragon; you have to find the magic sword when you go into the cave to slay the dragon. In other words, you decide, you will still feel fear, but you gather the resources you need along the way to overcome the fear and achieve your result.
  • [70:52] Circling back to MicroFamous, was that an evolution of organic idea and thought or was it a deliberate path that Matt chose? [hint: yes]
  • [74:24] Matt talks about how he takes care of himself to sustain the energy and clarity in which he does, and how it has changed shape over the last year as he refines his schedule.
  • [79:01] Jumping into the rapid fire! iPhone or Android and the begrudging choice; an impactful book he likes to gift; what he doesn’t like doing, but is good at, so he does anyway; favourite inspirational quote; favourite swear word; clarification at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie; favourite streaming series.
  • [85:20] Matt’s gratitude.

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