Episode 158 – Susan White Livermore – Millionaire Mom, Millionaire Mindset

“If you take a loss and don’t learn anything from it, then that’s where the fear sets in. But if you can take a loss and dissect it inside and out, the confidence you actually build from that is incredible because now you know what not to do with clarity that was only theoretical before.” – Susan White Livermore

  • [0:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, and real estate investor, Susan White Livermore.
  • [02:10] Susan and Patrick get right into their conversation as Susan shares where she was at when she dove into the space of real estate investing, and where she directed her focus.
  • [05:49] Susan talks about her strategies to overcome the barriers that she could have easily fell back on as excuses to not pursue her dreams.
  • [10:00] Looking after yourself and your well-being, gives you the energy and the power to look after your family. Susan realized this early on and while she ensured her kids were well taken care of, she also realized the value of feeling content and fulfilled within herself.
  • [11:29] Reflecting on her entrepreneurial path, Susan explains why the corporate world didn’t fit for her, the way in which her personality type is a great catalyst for what she’s doing and the driver behind starting her journey in the first place.
  • [14:54] Susan shares the “a-ha moment” she had at a REIN meeting around what she’s doing in her business of real estate investing.
  • [18:29] Learn by doing.
  • [20:49] Make it fun! Susan describes how she approaches the discomfort of regularly putting herself out there to meet new people, network, and educate herself. Because of her passion for real estate investing, Susan finds herself creating lasting friendships within her community of like-minded people.
  • [24:55] Susan highlights a common roadblock she sees other real estate investors put up and how she works through it with her clients.
  • [27:52] Raising capital is a challenge that some people rise to, and others shy away from. Susan weighs in on the latter and what stops people from moving forward. Speaking from her own experience, she gains just as much knowledge and confidence from her losses as she does her wins.
  • [33:57] Susan shares the lens through which she sees the world and the mainstream “chaos and fear” rhetoric.
  • [37:09] Patrick and Susan discuss the win-win opportunities of solving people’s problems that some others perceive as taking unfair advantage.
  • [40:52] What is Susan’s view of and strategy for a potential recession this year?
  • [43:32] Patrick takes a few minutes to really highlight Susan’s thought process around her investment properties and acknowledge her sophisticated investor mindset.
  • [45:58] Having been through a couple of downturns, Susan shares where her focus and efforts go, to fortify her business.
  • [48:45] Goals and vision. Susan gives a high-level view of her current goals and what she’s folded in over the past few years.
  • [50:58] Nuts, bolts and math or intuition first? Susan shares her go-to.
  • [52:49] Susan describes the routines and self development she engages in to support living a values-based, and intentional life.
  • [56:54] Unlimited possibility is the mindset Susan both dwells in and teaches. Everything comes out of the nothing.
  • [58:40] Susan recounts the story of when her inner development work began and who introduced her to many of the practices she now embraces in her daily life.
  • [63:30] Susan and Patrick roll into the rapid-fire questions: recommended books; favourite type of music; room-desk-car; message at the pearly gates.
  • [70:23] Susan’s gratitude and her practice around giving thanks.

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