Episode 133 – Krista & Jared Hope – Living into the Power of Relationship

“A big piece of my happiness is realizing I don’t have to be happy all the time, that actually all the feelings are ok… allowing all that is, to come through, and letting it be.” – Krista Hope  

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guests, Krista and Jared Hope.
  • [03:36] Jared, Krista and Patrick get the show on the road as Jared, then Krista, share their purpose.
  • [05:47] To give his kids a life he never had. Jared digs into what this means to him. Both he and Krista share the way in which they show up for their kids; often quite differently. They expand the conversation into what they consciously guide and provide for their kids, and what they don’t.
  • [12:40] Krista and Jared talk about their priorities with their kids; how they communicate, make choices, and clarify consequences.
  • [17:19] Philosophy of sport: less about the game, more about the mindset, the learnings, and the support.
  • [19:27] Patrick shares his view of team sport and the fundamental long-term impacts of learning how to be on a team.
  • [24:11] Real estate and business in the volatility of 2020 – 2022: how are Krista and Jared working through it?
  • Krista shares where she is leading from and the differences she’s observed from the economic turmoil of 2008. Jared talks about his initial fears and the shifts they committed to in their business and relationships. For both, having the mental tools available to navigate the situation has been the game-changer.
  • [32:41] You are the centre of your universe. Jared, Krista, and Patrick talk about mindset and working with clients who simply want the steps to take for success. Here’s the truth, if we are looking for success, in any sort of venture, we must be willing to do the work on ourselves. Our ventures will be a direct reflection of how we are, or are not, willing to show up.
  • [37:05] Krista explains what passion and purpose mean to her both when she’s working with clients and within her personal experience. Optimizing and being present to life. Jared explains what passion and purpose mean for him. Working to be as conscious as he can possibly be. They are both committed to being super present to the “fuck ya” moments they create on the ride.
  • [42:51] Does Jared have a definition for happiness? Where is that answer leading?
  • [44:56] Krista observes where she’s at with feeling happiness, and when she’s experiencing it.
  • [47:15] Patrick shares how the work he has done during his life, has helped to keep him aligned and present to his passion and purpose in the face of a turbulent two years.
  • [50:59] Krista and Jared share their paths and perspectives when considering what the future could look like for their kids.
  • [54:05] Patrick takes a minute to expand on the things he’s observing and what he’s advising when it comes to our focus for the future, in general, and specifically in real estate. Rising technology is both inevitable and ubiquitous. In the face of all she can’t control, Krista shares the way in which she CAN contribute to her community.
  • [60:56] Edmonton Zoom town and kudos to good property management!
  • [62:30] A discussion around the work from anywhere movement and the consequences of working remotely in a Zoom nation. Intentionality must play a part.
  • [66:30] Jared talks about what’s driving his thought process around the potentiality of moving out of his own real estate portfolio.
  • [70:38] Patrick offers a story that was shared with him, as a metaphor about life.
  • [71:45] For Jared, the valleys in his life are the things that have enriched his overall experience. He observes that he is now at the point where he wants to open and allow more experiences to come in and be far more present to their occurrence.
  • [73:27] Krista’s self-care routine (a shifting one); Jared’s self-care routine.
  • [81:06] Krista shares a new program she is collaborating on for women in community, Wisdom in Flow.

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