Episode 168 – Carla Browne – Synergy and Solutions in Real Property Management

“I love helping people get into business. I love for them to see this opportunity and be able to come in and make a business out of it, realizing they’re in business for themselves, but with a franchise never by themselves, so I can help support you along the way.” – Carla Browne

  • [0:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Carla Browne.
  • [01:56] Carla and Patrick get their conversation underway, as Carla explains the different hats she wears in business and her experience in the world of real estate and property management. She recognized a need for rental property owners that synergized with a great franchise opportunity.
  • [05:34] Carla describes the growth she has seen in the business of real estate investing, the perception of being a rental property provider, and the resources out there to assist with the operations of a rental property portfolio whether its 1 or 100 properties.
  • [09:09] Patrick speaks to the mindset of those investors who only see hiring a management company as a detriment to their cashflow, and don’t consider a bigger picture. Carla broadens that perspective based on a presentation she did that demonstrates how hiring a management company is actually a cost savings.
  • [15:16] Technology in the business of property management is nothing new, but Carla talks about how Real Property Management has upped their game in the last few years to automate more and contribute to a consistent customer experience. Carla also explains an area of management she is excited about which will benefit greatly from AI.
  • [21:10] Accidental landlords and intentional investors require different support and guidance around managing their property. Carla explains the types of conversations she has with each and the experience and knowledge she can offer.
  • [25:10] In retrospect Carla recognizes her natural qualities that led to becoming an entrepreneur. It was a path she neither planned nor expected but one that she absolutely loves and keeps her excited to get out of bed each morning.
  • [28:36] The Real Property Management franchise offers entrepreneurs and real estate business owners the ability to scale their business and achieve great growth and opportunity, without reinventing the wheel.
  • [30:47] Carla attributes her leadership development to a growth mindset, a consistent desire to learn and evolve and an innate love of leadership. Patrick and Carla discuss mindset and personal development tools. They show up on repeat because we are not always in the space to fold them in at that moment, but when the time is right, we will attract and absorb what we need to progress.
  • [38:01] Carla shares her strategy to manage her mindset with the state of the world, the state of the real estate market and the potential impact on the younger generation. Overall, she is quite optimistic and excited about being part of the solution for the issues the housing industry faces.
  • [41:52] What is Carla seeing of the housing crisis in Canada from the perspective of her role in Real Property Management? She discusses the homeless population increase right across Canada, supports for immigrants in Canada, and the unintended consequences.
  • [46:16] Patrick offers his perspective on the vicious circle of housing issues and politics. His new definition of insanity: “expecting the government that’s creating the housing problem, to be the same government that fixes the housing problem that they create.”
  • [49:13] Carla echoes Patrick’s sentiment and sees that these types of conversation are important so it can find the right audience and perhaps we will start seeing the right kind of change.
  • [50:17] 1.3M square feet of Calgary office space being converted into residential rental units sounds good on the surface, but Carla and Patrick discuss the red flags, roadblocks, and fall out that may come as a result.
  • [54:35] Carla confirms Patrick’s observation from an investor point of view, certain property types work better in some centres than others, i.e., condos. It’s important for investors to understand and get trusted advice about the market they wish to invest in along with understanding what their exit strategy is. This is where Carla sees that realtors and property managers can work so well together.
  • [59:04] Winding down to roll with the rapid fire: Apple or Android; broad musical tastes; movie recommendation; room-desk-car; favourite swear word (mostly in private) and impactful books.
  • [61:41] Carla’s gratitude.

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