Episode 162 – Robert Overweg – The Firestarter

“We step in for the energy, for the fresh perspective, to re-invent how we work and to ignite the imagination. Then we also come up with the tools to validate and create prototype and put stuff into reality.” – Robert Overweg

  • [0:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Robert Overweg.
  • [1:42] Robert and Patrick get rockin’ from Amsterdam and Abbotsford to learn more about what Robert is up to. He shares the four pillars of his business: mindset, technology, environment, and culture. The Adaptable Mindset.
  • [03:04] They first go down the technology trail to understand how Robert’s company works with organizations that are looking to transform or streamline their technological presence and process. Their approach is to start with engagement, conversation, and imagination to gain clarity, reduce stress and re-energize. While they primarily work with large-scale organizations it can be applied anywhere; they key is to help an organization stay curious.
  • [08:30] While they are full-service from concept to product, it is important that they facilitate options for their clients to explore and ultimately have the autonomy to implement and move forward with the efficiencies.
  • [10:08] Resistance. Robert explains where he observes people getting in their own way and feeling fear around new technology. He also provides solutions that can open people up.
  • [13:26] Patrick uses the example from previous TEDM guest Jeff Booth around the deflationary effect of technology, which can leave people feeling vulnerable about being replaced. Robert addresses that fear and how they approach it for their clients.
  • [16:52] Robert recommends multiple gigs both for individuals and corporations to keep fluid and diversified. It gives people room to explore, learn new skills and ultimately have more resilience.
  • [18:42] Adaptable Mindset: why would an organization seek out Robert and his program? What problem are they trying to solve by undertaking this work with Robert and his team?
  • [20:14] Patrick describes REIN’s shift with technology over the past couple of years to inquire whether Robert has seen more of an acceptance of technology and remote work at the C-suite level. Robert’s experience has been mixed and feels a hybrid scenario is very beneficial.
  • [24:02] As an international company, Robert describes the cultural differences they observe, as an example from Europe to North America with the difference in work weeks and innovation.
  • [25:39] Robert and Patrick talk about environment and culture and the clear intentionality that must exist to create a cohesive team. In-person availability is of benefit to organizations and it’s also where embracing new technology becomes so important.
  • [31:08] Change. Adapting to new ways can be the most challenging thing to overcome. Robert and his team typically enter the conversation at the leadership level to understand what their challenges are and improvements they envision making. From there they work with the team in various ways to educate, encourage, collaborate and get re-energized. Recently they undertook a cool project with a company in the form of a week-long festival!
  • [34:37] Robert provides an example to illustrate how quickly a leader can learn to hold space and create an environment of freedom for the team to get excited and excel.
  • [36:52] Robert explains the business model that the Adaptable Mindset program operates from, how his team is comprised and how they work. They inspire the heck out of their clients!
  • [39:41] Robert describes his inspiring vision for the work he does, why he started it, and what drives them to continue.
  • [42:19] The entrepreneurial path was paved for Robert by both of his parents, who built their own business from scratch, but Robert explored different paths to figure out how he wanted to operate and what was important to him.
  • [45:19] Robert shares how his style of art unfolded and the fascinating reaction to his work.
  • [46:54] Robert offers guidance, suggestions, and insights for people who don’t know what they want, are not in touch with what lights them up or lack the clarity they need to start building an inspired life.
  • [53:48] Building on the evolution of ourselves or our organization, in Robert’s view, includes both visioning and recognizing our desired results, but at times it comes with pausing to reflect, listen, and review.
  • [57:10] Robert and Patrick talk about creating an expansive environment and mindset to ignite our creativity, allow ideas to germinate and flourish, and give permission for that process to flow and grow.
  • [61:43] Mindful, intentional space for gratitude and self-care are effective practices in presence and, on the particularly challenging days, provide an anchor.
  • [63:44] Robert shares some places and spaces online to find him and his work.
  • [64:38] Time for some lighthearted rapid fire! Favourite book to share; favourite inspirational quote; message at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; no favourites – lover of all music; favourite movie; favourite swear word.
  • [67:42] Robert’s gratitude.
  • [68:54] Patrick shares a practice of gratitude in his home.

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