Episode 146 – Kim Daly – The Winning Daly Plan

The reality is, if you can control certain things inside of you, you don’t have to worry about anything external to you and I’ve proven that to myself in my business. It’s all about personal growth. The more I breathe, study, meditate on, open my heart to, experiment with, the more I become, the more I can give, and then the more I receive. – Kim Daly

  • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Kim Daly.
  • [03:32] Kim and Patrick roll into their conversation right away as Kim explains what she does and the contribution she’s been blessed to make for the past 20 years.
  • [04:25] Kim describes the spark that deviated her from a medical school path, to where she feels she’s truly meant to be, as an entrepreneur, franchisee, and business coach.
  • [05:58] Service is where it’s at! Kim provides an overview of the type of franchises she typically suggests for her consulting clients, the type she steers them away from, and how she helps them choose a franchise that aligns with their needs and values. Kim further explains her niche services as a matchmaker for franchisors and franchisees.
  • [10:23] In good times and bad, the franchise industry grows. Advice from Kim’s early mentor has proven itself true in these turbulent economic times. Though the investment vehicle may differ in recessionary times, the interest does not wane and the desire for financial freedom only strengthens.
  • [14:41] Kim outlines what she’s looking for when working with a franchisor, as well as how she works with and coaches a potential franchisee to understand what will be a good fit for both parties. At the heart of it all, her business is relational, not simply transactional.
  • [19:06] Mindset is the biggest factor for a franchisee to achieve success, but Kim goes on to explain that what determines a “suitable” candidate for investing in this business, isn’t always obvious.
  • [24:11] In consideration of what questions a franchisee client should initially ask, Kim has them start with a little daydreaming and a vision for their future. By understanding what they’re using the business for, what they foresee their end game to be, Kim can bring ideas that are a solid match.
  • [29:37] The Daly Coach. Even though Kim’s official role is complete once the franchise agreement is signed, her commitment to her clients’ success doesn’t end there. Kim’s passion is evident in the way she chooses to support her clients, and the 100% referral driven, history making, business she has built.
  • [32:57] Kim recounts the history of her entrepreneurial adventure. Having complete support from her parents was instrumental in Kim’s journey, and she shares a couple of the many nuggets of encouragement given to her, by her dad.
  • [39:56] Kim explains where her independence and drive comes from – albeit a bit tongue in cheek!
  • [41:14] Prioritizing self-development as the foundation and structure for success in business is what Kim both embodies and coaches.
  • [43:56] Kim tells a personal story to demonstrate the power of affirmations, and the “I am” statement.
  • [47:08] Overcoming limiting beliefs. Kim talks about the initial process she works through with clients to help them conquer the obstacles they set up for themselves.
  • [50:45] Kim reflects on her inner strengths and mindset, and the powerful tools she has relied on to persevere, move forward, and realize dreams.
  • [56:45] So what is the root that stemmed Kim’s historic business idea anyway?
  • [59:14] Kim explains why she doesn’t feel at the effect of other people’s judgment and has always maintained inner confidence.
  • [63:05] How does Kim define success for herself? Patrick also shares a definition that resonates for him.
  • [68:45] The critical importance of understanding, aligning, and committing to our values and attracting the right mentors to powerfully elevate our experience. Kim shares her experiences with coaches and mentors who have been invaluable to her personal growth.
  • [77:49] Kim details her self-care routine and how it’s of benefit for her.
  • [80:19] Time to roll into the rapid-fire: early riser or late; favourite book and the habit that came with it; iPhone or Android; a job she does despite not lovin’ it; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; message at the pearly gates; room-desk-car; favourite band; favourite movie.
  • [84:38] Kim’s gratitude.

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