Episode 174 – Chris Vermeulen – Trusted Technical Trader

“People have the wrong mindset when they are investing in stocks, they’re always looking for returns vs. always looking to protect themselves. If you protect yourself, the profits come naturally and the profits are generally a lot bigger if you can avoid the downside.” – Chris Vermeulen

  • [0:42] Patrick introduces his next TEDM guest, Chris Vermeulen.
  • [02:25] Chris and Patrick rock ‘n roll as Chris shares who he is and what he’s up to in the trading world these days, all of which he is passionate about!
  • [05:57] Hooked on the stock market at the age of 16, Chris shares how he was introduced and how it evolved to where it is now.
  • [07:20] As a technical analyst, Chris follows price not politics. Chris offers his outlook of how he works with the stock market, and where he is sees it potentially sitting now. He strongly advocates for people to get educated and protect themselves and their investments. Systemize, have processes, manage your capital and protect your lifestyle.
  • [13:31] Emotions power the market. Hear about the tools and resources Chris provides to help mitigate emotionality for investors and traders to provide a practical, and more grounded approach to the market.
  • [17:45] Although he’s tried all the various ways to be involved in the stock market, Chris tapped into his personality type, figured out who he wanted to be as a trader and then found a strategy that fit. Although it doesn’t fit neatly into a typical box, it is still a straightforward strategy that works very well.
  • [21:00] Chris explains the TechnicalTraders.com model and the ways in which they operate.
  • [22:52] Chris talks about his childhood growing up in the country, playing professional paintball(!), one of his first transactions in the stock market at 18, how he got his first newsletter going in university to his very first book.
  • [26:48] Raised by entrepreneurial parents, Chris recounts a story of heading over to China to the Canton World Fair with his Dad to find a new business venture. Armed with a suitcase, loading up with brochures, they found one, and started a booming business with infrared saunas. Chris shares the lessons learned, some harder than others, and a dream realized.
  • [30:33] Chris’ Dad was also huge into real estate with 1500 units in Calgary and Edmonton, which spurred Chris to follow his own path, read the books and was even a REIN member for awhile! Chris talks about the types of investments he has made.
  • [32:08] Being of contribution has always been at the root of what Chris has undertaken, together with a true desire to collaborate and help people understand the things that he has figured out with his love for research and diving in headfirst.
  • [36:30] Chris offers his guidance around the current state of the world and how he approaches the stock market from that lens.
  • [40:59] What does diversification mean to Chris, both in the trade itself and in investments?
  • [43:16] Chris shares his perspective of having cash on hand and what we can do with it.
  • [45:52] Where is Chris in the conversation of debt and politics?
  • [48:30] Chris discusses his books, what they’re about, and who they will likely appeal to in the journey of investing.
  • [50:25] Oversights and mistakes generally come down to emotions and expectations. Chris illustrates this by describing qualities of investors and traders and the strategies they use. Chris emphasizes the importance of maintaining the mindset that building and protecting your portfolio is a long-term game.
  • [55:14] Chris and Patrick touch on their individual views of crypto currency and buying precious metals.
  • [62:14] Given the haywire state of the world and the potential future for his kids, Chris shares that he stays optimistic and grounded. Patrick offers where he finds optimism in all of it.
  • [66:30] Chris offers some final words about how critical it is for investors to understand how the financial markets work. He suggests checking out all the free information offered on their website (link above).
  • [70:53] Patrick and Chris wrap up the show with where to best find Chris online: TheTechnicalTraders.com.

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