Unveiling the Motivation Puzzle: Discovering What Drives Us

During Steffany’s visit to Florida with the Ice Academy of Montreal, she had the opportunity to attend a workshop on motivation. The discussion revolved around the factors that motivate individuals and how understanding motivation can empower coaches to better support their clients. The workshop led to pondering the concept of motivation and its various dimensions. In this blog, my intention is to share some insightful takeaways in my discussion with Steffany on our Mindset Matters Episode of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast.

Motivation and the Complexity of Understanding:
As coaches, one of the central questions we often encounter is how do we motivate people, including ourselves. As coaches, we frequently face the challenge of understanding what drives individuals and how to inspire them. However, motivation is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Each person is motivated by different factors, making it essential to discern the diverse sources of motivation.

The Five P’s of Motivation:
During the Florida workshop that Steffany attended they explored the 4 P’s of motivation: People, Purpose, Pursuit, Pressure, and Steffany and I added a 5th ‘P’ which is Profit. These categories helped us comprehend the various driving forces behind human motivation.

1. People:
Some individuals find motivation in the presence and support of others. They thrive in environments where they can collaborate and engage with like-minded individuals. The encouragement and sense of belonging they receive from their peers provide a strong motivational boost. However, it is important to recognize that not everyone is motivated by the presence of others, as some individuals are more introverted and find their drive internally.

2. Purpose:
Motivation derived from a sense of purpose is another powerful driving force. People motivated by purpose are inspired by causes or missions greater than themselves. They strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others and find fulfillment in contributing to a larger goal. Discovering one’s purpose is key to unlocking a deep sense of motivation and passion.

3. Pursuit:
For individuals driven by pursuit, competition and personal growth are paramount. They possess an inherent desire to outperform and excel, constantly pushing themselves to achieve new heights. The pursuit of success and the satisfaction of surpassing their own limits serve as strong motivators. While competition can be a significant driving force, it is important to avoid becoming solely focused on winning, as this may lead to detrimental outcomes.

4. Pressure:
Some individuals thrive under pressure. They find motivation in high-stakes situations and excel when faced with challenging circumstances. Deadlines and external expectations can fuel their drive to deliver exceptional results. However, it is crucial to strike a balance and avoid excessive pressure that may lead to burnout or compromised well-being.

5. Profit:
While financial gain is not the sole determinant of motivation, it is undeniably a factor for many individuals. The prospect of financial success can drive them to work harder and achieve their goals. However, it is essential to recognize that profit alone may not sustain long-term motivation and fulfillment.

The Bonus ‘P’ – The Complexity of Passion:
Passion, often regarded as a significant motivating factor, can be both intertwined with and distinct from purpose. While passion can inspire and drive individuals, it is crucial to align it with a larger purpose to create sustainable motivation. Purpose provides a deeper understanding of the “why” behind one’s passion, leading to long-term fulfillment.

Understanding the Interplay:
In our discussion on the podcast we explored how individuals can be motivated by a combination of these factors, creating a unique motivational profile. In our experience no single category of motivation holds more weight than the others. However, having said that, individuals who are clearly aware of their Purpose understand that the interplay between these different sources of motivation varies from person to person, leading to diverse combinations and degrees of influence.

Unveiling Your Motivational Drivers:
Discovering what motivates you is a crucial step towards harnessing your full potential. Reflect on the five P’s and consider which aspects resonate with you the most. Are you energized by the presence and collaboration of others (People)? Are you driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference (Purpose)? Does competition and personal growth push you to excel (Pursuit)? Do you thrive under pressure (Pressure)? Does the prospect of financial success motivate you to work smarter (Profit)?

Finding Balance and Clarity:
It is important to recognize that our motivational drivers may evolve and change over time. By understanding our unique combination of motivations, we can create environments and set goals that align with our values and aspirations. Striving for a balance between these factors will lead to a more holistic and sustainable motivation.

Motivation is a multi-faceted concept, and unraveling its intricacies is a lifelong journey. As we get older and have different experiences the things that motivate us are likely to change. By exploring the Five P’s of motivation and understanding their interplay, we gain useful insights into what drives us and those around us. Whether it is the presence of people, a sense of purpose, the pursuit of personal growth, the pressure to perform, or the desire for financial success, embracing our unique motivational profile empowers us to live more fulfilled lives. So, take the time to reflect, uncover your motivations, and let them guide you on the path towards achieving your goals and making a meaningful impact in the world.

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