Episode #91 – Marc Cooper – Wisdom for Leaders

“Choice is the headwater of responsibility. Responsibility yields the commitment. Once they restore integrity to their core values rather than their inner critic, results always happen. It’s really quite simple.” – Marc Cooper  

    • Show Notes
    • [02:08] Patrick introduces his next guest, Marc Cooper. [03:17] Marc and Patrick start with a mutual connection who brought them together, a well-known and loved guest of TEDM, Alan Cahn.
    • [05:07] Marc offers a glimpse into what he is up to. And specifically, what he is up to, now.
    • [06:12] Implying there is much which has led him to this place today, Marc starts to connect his experiences into context for how he arrived at this space of providing wisdom for the people he works with in the business world.
    • [08:50] June Ditmore Moment: Marc reflects on the first remarkable moment in his life that served as a tipping point for who Marc was and what he stood for in integrity. It provided a great opportunity to generate greater wisdom and effect significant change in his industry.
    • [15:12] Seeing the trend line for where his life would be in 20 years, Marc realized at the age of 35 it would not end up as a fulfilled life. He began to make steps which led to a lifelong adventure in personal growth.
    • [18:54] Integrity was an intrinsic component of Mark’s lineage and upbringing and he soon realized it was congruent with his pursuits as an adult. What is occurring internally is reflected externally.
    • [21:53] The work of discovering and living by your core values.
    • [24:05] Marc illustrates his definition of what core values are, through an example. Depth, emotion clarity; how does it make you feel?
    • [26:45] Behaviour is the function of structure. As leaders it goes back to a place of self-awareness. How you are being, how you are showing up in the world; it is not what the next strategy or tactic is. Who are you within this situation? Coming from responsibility or victim? For everyone how or when they get to that point looks a little bit different.
    • [34:05] A pivotal moment in Marc’s life led to discomforting questions, but those kinds always indicate to him growth is occurring.
    • [36:32] Marc’s definition of success and how it evolved.
    • [39:42] Marc describes what drives him to continue doing the work he does. Wisdom comes with curiosity and purpose takes on new expressions.
    • [44:37] In the context of purpose Marc and Patrick dive a little deeper into the conversation around money. They look at why it is important and why a money objective alone is not enough to fulfill purpose.
    • [49:48] Marc offers practical exercises to begin with when one starts to examine what’s impeding them from getting what they say they want or deriving their life purpose.
    • [56:44] Patrick shares the biggest lesson he has learned in the past year and Marc then shares a simple exercise for aligning our decisions with our core values. Create structures.
    • [59:35] The deeper work of getting personal and corporate core values to be heart and gut driven vs. head driven then being willing to steadfastly stand for them in the face of judgment.
    • [62:27] Marc explains what core values are and how he gets people to a place where they recognize the distinction.
    • [65:06] Marc and Patrick delve further into the concept of core values, ways to identify and stay in integrity with them, and what to do and avoid when you are not.
    • [77:44] Marc explains that core value work is a discipline, it is a process over time. He briefly describes how he works with leaders and corporations through this process.
    • [82:48] Marc and Patrick wind down from core values into some rapid fire! The impactful book that Marc recommends; favourite swear word; favourite inspirational quote; Marc’s weirdness scale; what he’s not very good at; room-desk-car; favourite tune; favourite movie and message at the pearly gates.
    • [87:42] Marc’s gratitude.
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