Episode #100 – Patrick Francey – All People Being Their Greatest Self and Living Their Best Life

“At the end of the day what I’ve really got clear on for me, right now, is that I’m here, I’m now, this is where I have to make the difference. I want to be present to what I can do today, not a thousand years from now? F***, who cares. It doesn’t matter, I’m gone. My goal is to be the best I can be right now based on what I know and in the study of being the best I can be and showing up and pushing and stretching and pushing others and stretching others and being a catalyst for supporting others and their success. That’s what I’m wired to do, that’s what I love to do, that’s what I want to do.” – Patrick Francey  

  • Show Notes
  • [02:08] A milestone for TEDM to celebrate – the 100th episode! And a very special guest to mark this auspicious occasion: Mr. Patrick Francey, our charismatic host. And he is interviewed by another very special person: Steffany Hanlen-Francey, Patrick’s wife and partner.
  • [04:34] Patrick and Steffany start with a shout out to the 100th episode and how he arrived at being the interviewee for this show.
  • [06:17] Steffany officially welcomes her guest Patrick and we begin with the story of how The Everyday Millionaire concept came to be and what it means to Patrick.
  • [09:03] Patrick shares where he was four and a half years ago when he imagined the new podcast and what he wanted it to be about.
  • [10:07] The Accidental Entrepreneur. Patrick takes us back to the styling ‘80s to tell the story of how his entrepreneurial accident came to pass from climbing the corporate ladder to a little thing called a National Energy Policy that derailed the oil & gas industry in Alberta and left him without a job.
  • [13:33] With a natural gift for building things from very little, Patrick reflects on how he is able to bring forth creativity in business, and at home on their farm in the Fraser Valley. Hands-on is a gift from his father which he thoroughly enjoys, but business is what really lights him up.
  • [18:13] In 2005 Patrick’s realization of how he wanted to show up in the world going forward informed a pivotal decision for his life that was stamped with the date of November 2006. It came about a bit sooner than expected but it opened new doors, and new developments.
  • [22:30] What a journey! From an eager REIN Canada member in 2001 to VP of Operations in 2008, and ultimately owner and CEO of the whole darn company, Patrick talks about what led to that decision which moved them from Edmonton, Alberta to British Columbia. His value of being in contribution has always been the underlying driver.
  • [26:38] Common values are the critical foundation upon which all relationships are built. In the case of REIN, after a number of years working together, a divergence in values between Patrick and his partner Richard spurred the separation of their partnership and allowed them to each move forward on their own path, in their own way.
  • [28:38] Patrick digs further into the explanation and nature of values and the context they create for our lives when we are intentionally living in alignment with them.
  • [31:55] Coachability. Patrick’s view of why some individuals respond to coaching wholeheartedly, with desire and willingness while others express the same desire but resist. What insight does he draw from and approach does he take to support people now?
  • [42:19] A conversation about staying present to what IS during this tumultuous time: the positive force of investment real estate in Steffany & Patrick’s world, the REIN team knocking it out of the park, and yes, so much uncertainty and frustration but also a terrific opportunity for the Great Reset.
  • [46:12] In the conversation of adversity and forward planning, Patrick talks about some of the things we can do and focus on. Stay present to what is happening now (that is all there is) and engage critical thinking for risk mitigation both personally and professionally. The study of stoicism and adversity has been a powerful tool for him. Take stock of who you are surrounding yourself with. Who is supporting you and challenging you in a positive way? As always seek and embrace a community of like-minded individuals and stay aligned with our values.
  • [51:42] Patrick speaks to the work he does to stay grounded and show up powerfully, so he’s able to hold space for others to be their greatest self and live their best life; it is a discipline that starts with his morning routine. Patrick believes who he surrounds himself with is a reflection of who he’s being, and with the incredible teams and people present in his life right now, the work he is putting in, is evident. Again, staying in alignment with our values is so important and he has learned this the painful way.
  • [57:02] Going against instincts or values has always cost Patrick something. While ego can step up and be a cause for ignoring our instincts, it also serves to protect us. But it can keep us playing small when perhaps it would serve others better if we stepped up and stepped out. For Patrick, the protection from judgment is what had him resisting the TEDM podcast. Thank goodness his self-awareness allowed him to overcome it!
  • [59:58] When it comes to recognizing an opportunity vs. opportunist, particularly during turbulent times when we may be vulnerable, slow your roll. Slow down and undertake meaningful conversations to understand the other person’s desired outcome for the situation or deal. Then check in with yourself honestly to ensure there is alignment with your values.
  • [63:13] What is Patrick’s least favourite word and why? Patrick is now contemplating the weight and meaning of another word to potentially banish from his vocabulary, which may come as a surprise. Its measure is overwhelmingly subjective and, in some cases, can trip people up in relationship.
  • [67:42] Patrick shares his highest values (which likely doesn’t come as a surprise) and how they thread through all areas of his life in a cycling priority. Going back to the success conversation, in his view it comes down to the question of: how satisfied is he with his life as it relates to his values? If success is defined by one measure alone, it can leave a deep void that is hard pressed to fill.
  • [72:28] Although money is fun to make, it has never existed as a high value for Patrick. Relationships have evolved into a higher value, and they are also where Patrick has had to learn the most. Values change with life experience and relationships will ebb and flow. Rather than making that wrong, we simply need to accept and move on with grace. Don’t force the river. Let it flow.
  • [75:15] Patrick’s guilty pleasure, what he is reading right now and what is important for him to be listening to right now. From economy and politics to wellness, stoicism, and personal development. It all lends itself to deeper critical thinking.
  • [81:55] Does the commitment to put himself out into the public as a leader of a national organization like REIN Canada leave Patrick feeling pressure? What are the ways in which he and the management team embrace that responsibility and stand as leaders in integrity? It comes back to an awesome community.
  • [84:55] Patrick explains a bit about the tools he uses and his ability to stay grounded when he takes a hit. He has learned to make conscious choices about identifying what he can control, stays present, reaches out and finds solutions. Equally important is to release the things he cannot control.
  • [87:37] Extreme ownership can be a real pain in the ass, but it is the most empowering place to be to not give away your power.
  • [89:07] It is August 31, 3020. There is a tribute, a statue or plaque, out in the world dedicated to Patrick – what does it say and what matters most?
  • [91:40] Slip sliding into the rapid fire! Patrick’s self-care routine, iPhone or Android, he’s likin’ all the jobs he’s doing so no compromise there, favourite swear word, daily inspirational quotes, messages at the pearly gates, weirdness scale, what he’s not very good at, room-desk-car, top movie pick and the Netflix series he just finished.
  • [95:42] Patrick’s gratitude.
  • [96:19] Patrick’s final thoughts for his listeners after 100 episodes.

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