Episode #39 – Sue Ferreira – Wisdom to Wealth Mastery

“I re-invented my life in my second act because I saw a huge need for many entrepreneurs to move into this new world of the web and video and I saw many who were hesitant and unwilling to do so. So many people have incredible wisdom, we have an opportunity to take our wisdom to the world… I help you take your wisdom to the world and make you visible.” – Sue Ferreira

Sue Ferreira grew up in the UK, post World War II, and very early on identified herself as a restless soul who was curious about the world. She knew from the age of seven she was going to be a doctor and spent more than 40 years in the medical industry building an amazing career and reputation as a top performing anaesthesiologist.

Although her intellectual path dominated her first act, at 71 she is embarking on her second act in the world of entrepreneurialism, being of contribution and working more closely from her heart than her head. As a mother of three, an enthusiastic and successful entrepreneur and world traveller Sue has more than her share wisdom to impart. From her relationship to financial realizations, self-discovery to thriving business and from head to heart.

Now living near the ocean in Victoria BC, Sue starts every day with simple gratitude and curiosity. Sue’s passion for life is palpable and her healthy lifestyle, connection to her family, clients and new business, are all providing more insights and pearls of wisdom for her to gather and share.

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Show Notes

  • [02:04] Patrick introduces his next guest and friend: Sue Ferreira.
  • [03:12] Sue and Patrick embark on their conversation and reflect on their mutual connection: Sue’s son and Patrick’s friend Ben Ferreira.
  • [03:58] Sue Ferreira: this surprised entrepreneur helps you take your wisdom to the world and make you visible.
  • [05:11] Sue briefly describes what her second act looks like.
  • [06:39] In her first act as a pediatric anesthesiologist Sue specialized in putting people to sleep and now she’s telling them how to wake up!
  • [07:45] Sue takes us on a little journey to the UK and describes how and where she grew up as a young girl, her move to London, medical school and the rather aggressive political impetus that led her to Canada.
  • [10:44] Ever a wanderlust, when Sue and her husband visited Canada in the 1970s they were certain this was their next home. Two lines crossed on a map and they decided on Edmonton, Alberta.
  • [14:00] Was there ever a glimmer of entrepreneurialism in Sue’s first act?
  • [16:12] Real estate investing still plays a part in Sue’s life and she enjoys observing the ebb of flow of economies.
  • [17:17] Sue shares the difficulty she underwent as a result of her divorce in 2007 and the adjustments she consequently made.
  • [19:10] Sue shares a nugget of wisdom that applies to anyone: be aware and be informed about your financial landscape. Life is unpredictable, and preparation can help mitigate that.
  • [21:41] With her time working in the operating room, Sue had direct exposure to the unpredictability of life witnessing families in turmoil. Her firsthand experience of life’s curveballs came a second time as a cancer diagnosis which gave her a “bit of a side-swack.”
  • [24:07] Being in the medical field and having caught it in early stages, Sue found it easier to deal with her breast cancer diagnosis and set about the path to a successful treatment.
  • [25:59] An inexplicable inner-knowing that there was something amiss in her body prompted Sue to take action and have a mammogram.
  • [27:30] The first pivotal realization of preparedness occurred with the 2008 recession when Sue foresaw the fallout of the crash, people losing their homes and knew she would be able to help.
  • [30:23] The second realization of finance and estate preparedness came after she overcame cancer, but this podcast conversation has brought Sue’s attention to her inaction around it.
  • [30:47] Patrick digs a little deeper with Sue to discover what the block is for her and why she hasn’t had the conversation with her children about her finances and estate.
  • [33:23] Patrick shares a story of his own experience when two of his sisters passed away. The small things that made a difficult situation even more challenging like online passwords and social media accounts. He reiterates the message from his podcast with Jane Blaufus about the critical importance of having your details in order for your remaining loved ones.
  • [35:08] Sue delves into the turning point that gradually led her to the path of a new business pursuit.
  • [37:25] Sue builds on her mounting awareness during the recession of 2008 of who she can help, why she wants to help and how she can utilize her skills to make a difference for other entrepreneurs.
  • [39:36] Sue shares her insights into why it’s more difficult for women to have a visible web presence than men.
  • [40:40] Was self-esteem ever a struggle for Sue?
  • [41:46] The business model and client profile of Wisdom to Wealth Mastery.
  • [43:37] Sue’s philosophy on health habits and living a good life, particularly as a result of her experience in the medical world.
  • [47:41] Retirement. What does that word or concept represent for Sue?
  • [51:00] Planning for our financial AND health future: being in contribution, community connection, having significance and having relevance. This is at the heart of Sue’s purpose.
  • [53:57] Sue’s massive journey of self-discovery shifting from the protective shield of intellect to her heart connection.
  • [56:55] Sue’s journey is a slow unfolding and she stays present to a mindset of curiousity and discovery about the impact she can make.
  • [58:27] Living mindfully in her heart centre may not have always been the reality for Sue but she is grateful to be there now; with no turning back.
  • [62:02] Sue’s ability to identify where her clients are on their mindset journey helps her to guide them on their path to success. No surprise: there is no shortcut to self-realization.
  • [64:30] Important signposts on the path to self-discovery and success are rooted in “who do I have to become to do what I want to do in my life”
  • [67:02] Although Sue doesn’t exclusively work with women, it’s the inherent challenges women face, pure demographics, and her own experience which attracts more female clients to her business.
  • [68:45] More nuggets of Sue Ferreira wisdom: if you have goals, take action. Be courageous, seek the support you need, be open to fail (which is to grow) and go for it.
  • [70:24] Sue’s routine and early morning practice which begins each day in gratitude.
  • [72:31] The discipline of working from home and self-determination.
  • [76:12] Let’s roll with some rapid fire! An impactful book, favourite swear word, inspirational quote (walls or windmills?), alternate profession, messages at the pearly gates, weirdness scale, what she’s not very good at, room-desk-car (kitchen!), favourite music, favourite movie.
  • [81:03] Sue’s simple gratitude.

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